Tuesday, April 18, 2006

End the "Bucket Brigade"!

And away we go! This endeavor is likely to be an interesting adventure into the minds of Pool Operators. It should prove to be a valuable resource to those who participate in contributing to its content. I don't believe there is any better way to learn than to hear it from the direct source, the proverbial "horses mouth". Wouldn't you rather talk to someone who's been there and done that. In my experience, that is where the true wisdom lies.

So, you've heard that it requires special procedures, and/or remedial products to keep combined chlorine in check in in-door swimming pools. All I know is that "I'm superchlorinating every two weeks and that don't cut it!" Somebody out there is having some success and not breaking their back (and budget) to get the job done.

Wouldn't you like to hear from an unbiased source when you have a similar question. You and your peers have nothing to gain from participating in this blog, except a chance to help out a comrade and maybe pick up a pearl or two you can apply yourself. Well, you get the idea. Bookmark this address , give it a look see from time to time and please comment. What you know could make the difference for someone else.

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