Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SureWater's Profiles in Purity

As an experienced pool operator, you can pretty much tell if your water is right just by looking at it. The appearance of the water alone says a lot about it's level of purity, chemistry not withstanding. Recreational water that is balanced, contained within a well kept vessel, and is holding an ORP consistently ahead of the organic load has a certain look. Words can describe it, but a picture does it better.

In future months we will be profiling our customer's "pristine waters". Here's the first of many "Profiles in Purity": Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom

Tidal Wave Bay

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AOL Undercover: You Got Inspected!

Here's a recurring sign of the times and likely a scenario that will continue into the future. AOL Travel reporters recently made unannounced visits to five popular water parks across the US to check for the presence of bacteria in their swimming pools during regular park hours. The results were both a direct reflection on the operators within each of the parks and the water quality standards by which they maintain their facilities, and the industry as a whole.

More later on advocacy for the swimmers' health with some thoughts on how operators might get a leg up on this developing standard of care. In the mean time, check out What's Living in Your Water Park? and don't forget to take the reader's poll at the bottom.

Congrats to SureWater customers Raging Waters San Dimas and Wet 'N Wild Orlando as well as all of the parks and operators involved in this study. You make us all proud!

Be Sure!